One Five English I Beginners

One Five English I: Beginners book written by Richard Ludvik relesead on and published by Richard Ludvik. This is one of the best Subjects Book that contains 263 pages, you can find and read online or download ebook ISBN 9781524263188.

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One Five English I Beginners Book Preview

One Five English I. Beginners
ONE word
FIVE sentences

For example word “will”. Here are FIVE examples with this word.
Tomorrow I will visit my parents.
I will be busy next week.
What will you do tomorrow?
Next month I will go on holiday.
She will play in London next year.

Remember 354 basic words in easy sentences. Practice every word in FIVE sentences or examples. Not one or two. Five practical sentence. This ebook has 1770 easy sentences for beginners. You will love it.

It has small dictionary with all 354 words with pronunciation and numbers where you can easily find them in this ebook.

this [dys] 32
Thursday [trzdej] 56
ticket [tykyt] 53
times [tajms] 4

Here you will find days, months, colors, food, clothes and much, much more in present and future tense. It is for beginners. Your English can be better. Start reading and learning today.

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